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Education Needs Our Help!

We are a website that is dedicated to the continuation and upkeep of the academic excellence for the different levels of Educational Institutions the world over. We believe that education is a basic human right and as such should be made readily available for all. No matter who you are and no matter where you come from, you have the right to a good education.

It’s not just that it has to be available; it has to have excellent quality as well. There is no sense in feeding young minds with apples if those apples are substandard or even rotten. The status of education everywhere is failing. Something must be done about this. In order for a problem can be fixed, people must realize that there IS a problem to begin with. As such, we want to bring awareness and much needed attention to the slow but steady decay of the status of education everywhere.

It is quite disheartening to see that teachers are getting paid less and less. Public schooling is now being considered to be an afterthought. While there are some policies that are being championed that may reinvigorate the public school system, there are those that seek to block it in favor of more privatized leanings.

Let’s Make Learning Great Again!

Faculti Media is also a resource that will publish useful teaching tips and techniques that can benefit specific age groups. We want to be a place where educators and learners alike can come and come away with information that is useful.

You can come to expect a multitude of thoughtful discourse on how we can all make education truly great once again. The writers behind this website all have their own experiences with the struggling educational system in different countries. This has armed us with a perspective that deserves to be shared.

Other than discuss general education topics, we shall also touch upon personal experiences in the field of education. We want to bring a truly organic and humanizing approach to this narrative. It has gone on far too long where it is only the voices of the institutions that promise reforms or speak of changes that do not actually happen.

We want to bring different point of views into the conversation. We can all help make learning and education a blooming and thriving thing—as it was meant to be. If you know any events or causes that we can help put a spotlight upon, let us know at 660-426-7144!

In order for change to happen, it is something that we ALL need to work on. This is our part in the fight. If you would like to help out, let us know! More people ultimately mean better opportunities to raise education up once again.

Education is something that can only lead to better things for us all. Let us all work together to ensure that education continues on a path of continued excellence.