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Can you create the ideal employee through training?

The candidate is unlikely to have all of these skills. Depending on the types of changes taking place in your organization, you can prioritize some changes over others.

While skills such as communication and problem solving can be developed over time, it is unclear whether traits such as creativity, emotional intelligence, or adaptability can be learned. But in today’s fast-paced digital work, they are essential to an organization’s success.

Maintain the soft skills of your employees by reducing digital friction

There is one thing you can do to help your employees develop these soft skills. It may seem skeptical, but the solution simplifies business technology.

With a simple user experience, employees can use each tool optimally. Instead of frustration, employees can use technology outside of their core functions. You can be creative, develop innovative applications, and use the tools you already need to develop a new strategy.

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is an ideal digital learning solution. DAP provides context-based personal support in real time, so employees are never involved in a process or task.

There is no time in the digital workplace to become dependent on technology. The software you invest in is designed to help your employees use their unique human skills and not waste time and energy.


Mynsberge describes BTD’s fundamental challenge to workforce development: “[We] have tried several new approaches to attracting and retaining employees, but we still can’t find employees.” Unfortunately, this challenge is far too common, reflecting reliable statistics on the difficulty of finding workers in the manufacturing industry. For example, the Deloitte Skills Gap in Manufacturing Study 2018 states that “the skills gap between 2018 and 2028 could leave an estimated 2.4 million jobs.”

In response to this recruitment challenge, BTD has developed an internal Pay for Skills program. Central to this program is the promotion of employee skills development through a new internal training system. This system provides simple incentives – salary increases – to master new skills. In this system, each department has developed six levels, four of which are mandatory, while the other two are determined by the needs of the company. To manage the level, employees must pass a series of written and practical tests that include a variety of skills and training related to job quality, safety, enterprise policy, and technical aspects. If an employee completes 100% of all tests at one level, he or she earns a certain increase and moves to the next level. New employees must complete a proficiency test after six months of on-the-job training. The advantage of this system, Mynsberge noted, is that it produces increments based on skill level, regardless of other factors such as attendance and work ethic.

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