When technology comes into all areas of work, new skills for employees are essential.

On the other hand, employees need a high level of digital skills. How much software they communicate on a daily basis requires this.

In addition to technical knowledge, employees must have the qualities to succeed in the midst of uncertainty. You need thinking and creativity to unleash new ways of thinking. You need the courage and flexibility to embrace change.

The lack of necessary skills of employees keeps CEOs moving at night

According to PwC’s latest global CEO survey, the most important thing, according to CEOs, is to foster innovation, improve human capital and expand digital skills to take advantage of new opportunities.

But leaders are worried they won’t find the right ability.

According to the survey, 77% of business leaders mentioned that key skills of employees were not available as the biggest threat to companies.

This shortage of talent, combined with the increasing speed of technological change, is challenging companies to innovate. It is the job of HR managers and hiring managers to fill the gap.

What does an ideal employee look like?

Technical, role-specific skills are always important. But today, the ideal employee has a set of skills and attributes that transcend job titles or value. The following employee skills are important for building a successful business in the digital age.


In the digital age, people often equate the introduction of new digital tools with innovation. But it’s not just buying new software that makes a company innovative. It is the creative use of digital tools to achieve something new.

As new technologies, challenges, and opportunities arise, you need people who can think differently. You need new ideas for old problems. Creativity is a valued skill in any business – from developing business strategies to unlocking new efficiency gains.

How to identify creativity

In the face of the question, creative people are looking for many possible answers, not just one. You’ll see unique opportunities where others will grab a functional attachment.

One way to measure creativity is to see how the candidate thinks. How many answers can you get to these questions: How would the world be different if people had two thumbs in each hand? What is something (or an idea for something) you’ve come up with?