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Are They Invisible? Helping Out Those Who Cannot Afford an Education

Education is everyone’s right. This is a truth that no matter who will tell you otherwise. Today, Faculti Media will talk about those who cannot afford an education and how you can help. In the earliest history of the world, there have been records of how our ancestors ran their communities. Everyone had a role.

There were the hunters, there were the gatherers, and there were those that took care of the children. In these early communities, it was clearly understood that in order for the community to survive, the education of all the children was of paramount importance. This carried on for many centuries. Regardless of what part of the world you were in, it was a universally accepted fact that the education of the youth is critical for the survival of the community.

However, later on in the more “civilized” forms of society the message got lost. Education was now for those who came from families with money. What was worse is that someone had the terrible idea to keep education solely for the male population. The girls were kept at home and taught how to sit and look pretty. Their sole purpose was merely to attract a husband and bear children.

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Our journey as a society has warped so many concepts that once bound us all together. There are millions of children the world over who are not able to afford an education. Worse yet is that there are those who cannot even seek an education even if they tried. These are the youth caught in the middle of wars and have to flee.

While there are the established organizations like those in the UN that try to lend a hand, they have their own rules and regulations that often keep them from being able to fully help. Even if they could, there are far too many to successfully help at the same time. For the most part, it seems that the people caught in wars or bad economic straits are invisible. They are the ghosts of the system that everyone knows about but only a few get to see.

There needs to be a massive change. We all need to do our part. What is sad is that in your own very community, there will be those that are unable to afford a proper education. Here are some of the ways that you can help:


There is nothing that is as strong as the heart of a volunteer. In your local communities, it would be best if you try to find any organizations that are wholly dedicated to helping out the disenfranchised and those who are dedicated to helping those who cannot afford an education. If you can and are able to, volunteer some of your time and your skills to tutoring or putting a class together.

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Just a few hours of your time can mean a world of difference for those who normally would not be able to receive an education. Before you choose an organization to volunteer with, it is important that you make sure they have:

Necessary Paperwork

If you are looking for an organization to work with, it is important to see if they have proper documentation. The last thing you would want is to work for an organization that turns out to be sketchy. Check first and foremost if you are working with a non-profit or for-profit organization. Each has their own rules on handling events and projects.

Organized Effort

While it is great to talk about ideals and what plans there are to help out. It is an entirely different thing to enact the plans into quantifiable action. See if the organization you are planning to work with has clear representation. Who is at the head? What projects have they enacted before? Having a clear understanding of the history of the organization can help you get a stronger idea of the positive change you can enact.


If you do not have the time to volunteer your time or your skills, it would be good to donate toward organizations and charities that have education as their core mission. You do not even have to give a large sum. Every little amount helps. It is just important that you check out the organization that you give your hard earned money to. You need to make sure that they have:


Money is no joke. It is not easy to earn and it is a highly precious commodity to those who do not have it. Even a few bit of money can mean the world of difference to those who are going to be receiving grants from charities or organizations. This is why it is critical that the organization that you choose to donate to has transparency.

There needs to be a clear paper trail on where the money is going. It is best if you do due diligence before you part with your hard earned money. Find out if the organization you are giving your money to can be trusted. While it would be great to simply hand over the money directly, taxing laws can be quite a hindrance to it.

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Raise Awareness

If you want to do more, it would be important to get the word out about the cause that you are supporting. If you have found any good avenues to provide your skills or money, it would be great if you were to spread the word about it.

In order to be able to truly help the needy (particularly when education is involved) it would be great if more people can be part of the solution and not the problem. We all need to work together in order to raise everyone up and provide good educational opportunities to those who have not been fortunate enough.

Knowledge is power. The more people know about the issue of those who cannot afford and education and how they can help, the better. What ways do you plan on helping those who were not fortunate enough to receive an education?